Rubbish Clearance in %%keyword%%

Specialising in all types of rubbish clearance and waste collection in London and Essex.

Rubbish Clearance Services in %%keyword%%

{Covering|Looking After|Servicing} %%keyword%% {and|&|as well as} the {surrounding|adjacent|nearby} {areas|locations|places} for {all your|your|any of your} {rubbish clearance|rubbish disposal} {needs|jobs|requirements}.

We’ve been {operating our|running our} {rubbish clearance|rubbish disposal} business for {over 20 years|20+ years|more than 20 years} throughout {London and the South-East of England|London and the South East|London and the surrounding areas}, regularly {servicing|operating} {in|at} %%keyword%% locations.

{Get in touch with us|Contact us|Give us a ring} to {discuss your|talk about your|chat through your} {requirements|event|project|needs}. Our {free telephone number|freephone number|telephone number|number|landline|office number} is 0800 121 4729. Alternatively, you can {quickly|quickly and easily|simply and easily} {just|} BOOK NOW and {pay for|securely pay for|pay online for|pay securely online for|pay via PayPal for} your rubbish {collection|collection/disposal} {service|job} in %%keyword%% 

Unwanted bathroom suit with paint and plastic pipes left out in the front garden

Bathroom & Kitchen Clearance

{Have you got|Do you have} {untidy mess|mess|rubbish|untidy rubbish} left over from a recent {bathroom project or kitched project|bathroom installation or kitchen refurbishment|bathroom refurbishment or kitchen installation} in %%keyword%%? {We can|Let us} {quickly and easily|quickly & easily} arrange to collect and dispose of this for you.

{This|Our} service includes {the removal of|removal of|getting rid of} {ceramic and porcelain tiles|porcelain and ceramic tiles}, brick walls and {fridges and freezers|fridges/freezers|freezers and fridges}.

{Our service|Using us|Booking us} {is cheaper|will cost less|is less money} than {hiring a skip|using a skip|booking a skip} in %%keyword%%.

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Dirty pillow and various household rubbish piled up in livinging room

House Clearance & Void Clearance

Rubbish disposal {offer a|can provide|provides a} specialist house clearance service in %%keyword%% which is {unobtrusive and discreet|discreet and unobtrusive|inconspicuous and unobtrusive|unobtrusive and inconspicuous}.

{We specialise in|We’re specialists in|We are specialists at|We’re specialists at} house clearance in %%keyword%%, including furniture clearance, end of tenancy clearance and void abandoned property clearance.

{There is|There’s} nothing that we {cannot|are’nt able to} {remove|clear} and dispose of in an enviomentaly friendly and legal {way|manner|procedure}.

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Two men carrying out garden clearance job with cut down tree in the foreground

Garden & Green Waste Clearance

Rubbish disposal {offer|can offer|offers|can provide|provide|provides} a {fast and reliable|reliable and fast|fast & reliable|reliable & fast} service for {clearance of rubbish in your |clearance of rubbish and green garden waste from your|removal of rubbish and green waste from your|removal of green waste and general rubbish from your} %%keyword%% garden.

We {also do|can also provide} light demolition of {sheds, coal bunkers garages and outbuildings|sheds, garages, outbuildings and coal bunkers|sheds, outbuildings, coal bunkers and garages|outbuildings, sheds, garages and coal bunkers}.

{All|Any} {rubble, soil and green waste|green waste, soil or rubble|soil, green waste or rubble} will be {cleared|removed|disposed of}. %%keyword%% sites are always left {clean and clear|clean & clear|clear and clean}.

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Lots of fridge freezers piled on top of each other at disposal site

Fridge & Freezer Disposal

Since {new|recent} regulations {have been|were} introduced regarding the {legal and safe|safe and legal} disposal of {fridges, freezers and air conditioning units|air conditioning units, fridges and freezers|freezers, fridges and air-conditioning units|fridges, freezers and air-con units} we have {a legal and environmental|a legan and envorenmentally friendly|an environmentally friendly and legal} {way|method} of disposing of refrigeration units in %%keyword%%.

We {pick up|collect from} {all over|everywhere in|al around} {Essex and London|London and Essex} and are regularly collecting from %%keyword%%.
We {can also|also} {pick up|collect} {all|any} commercial {fridges and freezers|freezers and fridges} {with|using} our specialist {tail lift|tail-lift} and {bespoke designed|custom designed} Euro 6 vehicles.

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High sided van waiting outside storage area with rubbish piled high in the back

Office Clearance

Rubbish Disposal work for lots of {bespoke blue chip|established|well known} companies in %%keyword%%, London, Essex And the West End. We dispose of {all|all of their|their} office waste legally and {environmentally|in an environmentally friendly way} from any office.

We {can|will|} clear {chairs, desks, filling cabinets, computers, photocopiers|desks, chairs, computers,  filling cabinets, photocopiers|filling cabinets, computers, photocopiers, chairs, desks } and {we also provide|we additionally provide|can also supply|can also provide} secure shredding {with|that has} {insurance backed|insurance-backed} paperwork for destruction of {computer and digital data|computer and digital information|digital information and computer data}.

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Rubbish Disposal white van waiting by the pavement

Wait and Load

Our {wait and load|wait + load|wait & load} rubbish {clearance|disposal} service is ideal for {clearance|disposal} of {large bulky items|large and bulky items|oversized items} in {places|areas|locations} like %%keyword%% when it {is impossible|it not permitted|isnt allowed|is not allowed} to park a skip.

{It’s|Our service is} often also cheaper than hiring a skip, so book it today for quick and cheap rubbish clearance in %%keyword%%.

Rubbish disposal {can even|are also able to|can also|can additionally} provide {labour and man power|man-power and labour|physical labour} to {load|help with loading|heal out with loading} our 7.5 ton bespoke vehicles.

Our caged rubbish disposal {lorries|vehicles} are 22 cubic meters and {take|can contain up to|have room for} {up to|} 3 ton of {bulk material|waste material}. We have smaller transit caged trucks which {take|contain|have room for} 10 cubic yards.

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Rusty scrap metal piled up

Scrap Metal

We {will|can} {take|remove|clear|dispose of} {all|all of your|all your|any} scrap metal in %%keyword%% {away|} {free of charge|for free|without any charge|without charge|at no cost|at no cost to you}.

Your scrap metal will be {recycled locally|recycled at a local centre|recycled nearby} and so {you’re|you are} {doing your part|doing your bit|helping out|taking responsibility} to help %%keyword%% and the environment.

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Electrical equipment with numerous wires sticking out

Electrical Equipment Clearance

Rubbish Disposal {can|will} {assist|help you|help} with your electrical equipment clearance and are {fully compliant|100% compliant|in compliance} with the WEEE regulations. This means that your electrical equipment will be removed from your %%keyword%% location and recycled in an environmentally friendly way.

{We’re able to|We can} take all kinds of {electrical appliances, computers, televisions, heaters|computers, televisions, heaters, electrical appliances|televisions, computers, electrical appliances, heaters} and more.

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Trusted in %%keyword%% {and beyond|and the surrounding areas|and the nearby locations} by {these brands|brands|established brands}

The Recycling Process

Doing our bit for the %%keyword%% Environment

Many items can now be recycled:

  • Hardcore
  • Green Waste
  • Metal
  • Electrical Items
  • Glass
  • Cardboard

We recycle all of these items using Havering Council’s recycling system and thus minimising the amount of waste that ends up in landfill sites.

Just one of the ways we are doing our bit to help %%keyword%% and the environment.

We only dispose of rubbish that can’t be recycled at Coldharbour Lane, Rainham, Essex.